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Walls are virtually blank canvasses waiting to come alive with color. The days of having grey and drab walls are slowly fading. Walls have a way of breathing life into spaces and can contribute greatly to home décor. Whether you want to make a statement or are just tired of staring at boring and expressionless walls, here are some cool ways to make them vibrant!

3D Plant Fiber Panels

Made From Natural Crushed Sugarcane Stalk, Our 3D Wall Panels Are A Trendy, Yet Eco-Friendly Way To Add A New Dimension To Your Walls.

  • 19.68″x 19.68″ panel (comes in box of 12)
  • Available in 26 original designs
  • Flexible and lightweight (275g each)
  • Natural off-white color (easily paintable)
  • Easy DIY installation
GA-WA27 Puck 1 maxwell WA05 Vaults 1 GA-WA31 Liam 3 olivia-2 WA09 Squares 1
Real Solid Wood

3D Mosaic Wood Panels

Add Elegance And Depth To Your Walls With Our 3D Mosaic Wood Panels. These Wall Panels Come In 5 Types Of Solid Real Wood And Are Stained To A Beautiful Finish.

  • 26.4″x 12″ panel
  • Available in 7 original designs
  • Solid real wood (walnut, teak, acacia, ash, oak)
  • Pre-finished with wood grain surface
  • Easy DIY installation
Acacia-AC03_Angle-1-150x150-2 Acacia-AC04-Angle-scaled-2-150x150-1 Walnut-W01-1-150x150-1 T01-AS01_SideView-2-1-150x150 Mosaic-Wood-Side-OA01-1-150x150 Teak-TE02_Angle-1-150x150-1

Real Wood Planks

Our Wood Wall Planks are made from real pine wood that creates a warm and cozy feel with a modern look, perfect for your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen or office.

  • Easy Peel and Stick
  • 9 Available Colors
  • 46.45” x 5.04” x .18” Plank
  • Made from Real Pine Wood
  • Easy Do it Yourself
C03-(6) C11-(7) C35-4 C19-(7) C09-(7) C12-(7)
100% Natural Wood Fiber

3D MDF Wood Panels

Lightweight With A Hollow Back, Our MDF Wood Panels Are Easily Paintable Or Can Be Left In Their Natural Brown Color To Add Warmth To Your Rooms.

  • 19.68″x 19.68″ panel (comes in box of 10)
  • Available in 12 original designs
  • 100% natural wood fiber
  • Natural brown color (easily paintable)
  • Easy DIY installation
1 6 5 4 3 2
100% Handcrafted

3D Metal Wall Art

Looking to add a modern, unique vibe to your living room or bedroom décor? Tired of constantly seeing the same old, rather dull art prints or paintings? The WallDecor 3D metal wall decor is a must in your home!

  • Available In 27 Original Designs
  • Handmade 3D Effect With Galvanized Metal
  • Professionally Hand Painted
  • Sturdy Wood Or Metal Base
  • Made With Precise Detail And Finest Craftsmanship
Jeep-CM20013.jpg WALL-ART-_0047_Layer-7.jpg 2019-Motorcycle 3d metal wall art_3 Golden-Gate-CM201562-1-150x150 Propeller-GC100232-1-150x150 Horse-M02502-1-150x150

Saving The Environment…
One Sugarcane At A Time.

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